Old Lives and New

by Edith Rogovin Frankel

  • "By tracing the lives of several families and individuals over some two decades, Edith Rogovin Frankel illustrates the complexities of immigration generally and skillfully explores several dimensions of the experiences of Soviet Jewish immigrants in Israel and the United States..."
  • "Dr. Edith Rogovin Frankel has written a highly original and absorbing account of numerous interviews she conducted with emigrants (mainly Jews) from the Soviet Union. She spoke to them the first time shortly after they arrived in Israel and the United States in the late 1970s..."
  • "The stories that she has collected with such diligence, and presents here with such clarity and skill, begin in the Soviet Union and end in Israel and the United States, the two main destinations of those who left Communism. The motives of those about whom she writes are set out clearly..."
  • "Old Lives and New: Soviet Immigrants in Israel and America paints an incredibly sweeping and human portrait of Soviet Jewry over the past century. This immigrant group, which emerged out of the ruins of Communism, is captured through a series of individuals who tell the story..."
Old Lives and New

Edith Rogovin Frankel is a political scientist who has published widely on the Soviet Union and Soviet Jews. She is the author of Novy Mir: A Case Study in the Politics of Literature 1952-1958 (Cambridge University Press) as well as studies on the ethnic Germans of the Soviet Union...

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